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    •     The Sunny Mountain Serenaders, "Into Thin Hair"

           L-Century CD-1002

    •     The Mostly Mountain Boys, "The Mostly Mountain Boys"

           L-Century CD-1001

    •     The Hoover Uprights, "Known for Their Reputation"

           5-String Productions 5SP-CD05002

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. here to order the classic hard copy version from County Sales (in Floyd, VA)

"Old-Time Backup Guitar: Learn from the Masters” (from L-Century LLC) is available either as a download (PDF + mp3) or as a spiral-bound book.

Now Available via Download!


Save money! Instant gratification!

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Note: The book comes as a PDF with mp3 music

as two files totaling about 629 MB.

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Sadly, County Sales will soon be closing permanently. You can still try to place an order with them for the hard-copy book. After they close, only the PDF version will be available for now.