•     Guitar tab for 28 classic tunes, transcribed from 78 rpm records!


    •     Selections provided as mp3 files, ready for iTunes or digital player

    •     Play along with the original performances from 78 rpm records

    •     Four versions per tune, from very slow to full speed

    •     All recordings adjusted to concert pitch

    •     Samples from leading contemporary backup guitar players


    •     Luches Kessinger (Kessinger Brothers)

    •     Asa Martin & Edgar Boaz (Doc Roberts)

    •     Roy Harvey (Charlie Poole & the North Carolina Ramblers)

    •     Hub Mahaffey (Dykes’ Magic City Trio) … and more!

        Old-time music simply has to be learned “by ear.”  Sure, the notes can be written down, but timing, phrasing, and intonation are all-important, which means that the first step in learning the style and getting the feel of the music is to listen, Listen, LISTEN!

        But that’s only part of the process.  As Dan Gellert says, “...the only way to develop your own style is by ... imitation of good models.”  And Roy Andrade says, Imitation is still the best way to learn traditional music.  If we pattern our music after those we admire, over time our style becomes a composite of our musical influences.”

        The CD that comes with the book illustrates some of the very best old-time backup guitar playing from the earliest days of commercial recording – the 1920s and early 1930s.  Each performance is represented by at least four versions (as mp3 files) – at full speed, as well as at ⅔, ½, and ⅓ of full speed – and every track has been adjusted to concert pitch.

        In Chapter 7 you’ll find backup guitar tablature for each of the performances on the CD.  The backup guitar parts aren’t just invented by me.  Instead, by using modern computer software along with some careful listening, it’s been possible to figure out the chords, bass notes, and runs used by backup guitar icons such as Roy Harvey, Asa Martin, and Luches Kessinger.  All of this has been notated using standard guitar tablature.

        By using the tablature along with the CD, you’ll be able to play along with any of the performances.  You will be Doc Roberts’ or Clark Kessinger’s backup guitar player!  And you can ramp up your speed as you wish, to suit your own comfort level.

Please note: It's a data CD, so it may not work in your audio CD player or in your car.  Plan to use it in your computer!

(There is so much music on the CD — over 120 mp3 files — that 4 audio CDs would have been needed!)